07 July 2014

Be More Like Carrie Hope Fletcher

Well this is an odd post...
However the title explains it all; I want to be more like Carrie Hope Fletcher. Whenever i watch one of her videos or listen to a song she sings i get that feeling. I discovered her not too long ago. It probably hasn't even been 2 months. Funny story actually; I was on Youtube and before the actual video i was going to watch there was an Alex Day "commercial". I thought it was a pretty fun channel and subscribed but didn't watch any of the videos. Few months later i was going through my subscriptions box and noticed that he hasn't posted anything since i subscribed to him. I decided to watch his old videos and then i came across Carrie. After wondering why he hasn't posted anything i googled it and felt terrible about the entire chain of events that occurred. 
Anyway, that is a completely different subject and it's a subject i'd rather not talk about. So i subscribed to Carrie's channel and watched a couple dozen of her videos and fell in love with her personality. She seems so real, so full of sunshine, she just has the power to make you feel like a better person. My mind is doing that thing again where i have more than one thoughts going through my mind which stops me from forming a good sentence. She is just such an incredible person and even writing about her makes me feel the feels. 
Of course i don't mean to say i want to be her. I do believe everyone should be themselves and not impersonate others or act a certain way that doesn't show who they really are. I want to be like Carrie Hope Fletcher because of her outlook in life. She is probably the most uplifting, caring, optimistic person i've ever come across. I realise this post just turned into a praise for Carrie(I didn't mean to do that) but i had this thought for quite a while and i guess this is kind of a new years resolution for me.
 I want to be like Carrie Hope Fletcher. 
Be more optimistic
Be more caring
Be more ambitious
Work harder for my goals
Have a positive outlook on life
Be kind to others around me 
Help others as much as possible
Be more loving
Appreciate life

I believe Carrie is doing all of the above and more. I look up to her so much. The fact that she is an actress is just spot on. I thank Alex Day for introducing Carrie to me in a way. 

I actually met and fell more in love with Carrie when i was in London for vacation with my mother. During the entire week i was secretly on hunt to bump into Youtubers as i'm quite enjoying Youtube and Britist Youtubers. So whilst we were in London we wanted to watch a play and the play i suggested was Les Miserables. I heard great reviews of the play and the London cast in the first place and Carrie being in it as one of my favourite characters was just a bonus. I just wasn't expecting this; MAGIC! The entire play was magic on stage. It was so inspirational and extremely empowering for an aspiring actress like me. I loved every second of it. Our seats had limited view and during the entire play, instead of sitting at my seat normally, i stood at such a way that i almost fell off the balcony. I wanted to take in every single moment of it. It was indescribable. What happened after the play was even more magical for me. After i had all the emotions during the play while we were on our way out all i could think about was "Carrie meets fans at the stage door" "Where can i find the stage door?" "My mom won't even bother finding the stage door" and the second we got out of the door there was another door right next to it with the sign "STAGE DOOR" on it! I freaked! We waited for close to 5 minutes and i saw everyone had a brochure for the actors to sign. I had not. My mom asked if i even had anything for her to sign and a lightbulb appeared on my head. I had my theatre tickets and a pen with me! She was the first to get out the door and i was standing right in front of it and she didn't even wait for me to say something! She instantly went "Hi there how are you?" I think that's what surprised me the most. She was so warm and welcoming. I was stunned. We had a little chat i told her that i loved her and she was amazing at her performance which must've been a cliche for her. But i really meant it. What i forgot to tell her was all the things i'm writing right now and the fact that i came all the way from Turkey to see her perform. It was definitely worth it! I almost didn't want to ask her to sign my ticket and ask for a photo because she was actually having a genuine chat with me. But i did it anyways because it was a one time opportunity and she was lovely and of course said yes. She signed my ticket and my mom took our photo and then i thanked her for everything and said i didn't want to keep her for long because there was a little queue behind me waiting to talk to her so we parted. I was so happy that night that i couldn't sleep for hours. Even afterwards, for weeks out of no where i just went "I met Carrie Hope Fletcher!" 

She is one of the sweetest souls on this planet and i'm so blessed to have come across her, even though it was through the internet. I believe i am not the only one she had this effect on. So thank you Carrie for spreading your fairy dust of optimism and hope to everyone who comes across you. You are truly brilliant. A real life Disney princess. 

Carrie's Links

Lots of Love,


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