07 July 2014

British Drugstore Makeup Haul Pt. 1 (Lips)

As i said in my previous post i've recently been to London for a week. During my time i had a lot of fun seeing the sights in London and doing all the touristy things but one of the things i was most excited about was shopping! And not just any shopping; Drugstore makeup shopping! 
I know it sounds a bit mental but as a girl who loves makeup and has learnt so much from british "beauty gurus" on youtube not having certain makeup brands in my country drove me crazy. So when i went to Superdrug and Boots i went a little nuts. 
If i put all the things i bought in just one post it would be a massive blogpost no one would want to read. So i will split them into 3 parts! Lips; Superdrug and Boots. The reason i'll put Lips as an individual post is because most of the products were lip products as i'm quite obsessed with lipsticks i bought quite a lot of lip products.

First off i want to start with two of my favourite lip products from this haul which are the Topshop Lipsticks in Infrared and Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock; I love pink lipstick and this is a gorgeous matte bright pink lipstick! It stays on for hours without any need for a touch up which is a massive plus but also i don't know if this is an actual thing but it makes my skin look so much better. Not as in it hides blemishes and spots but the color of my skin just looks so much better with this lipstick and just compliments my skin tone. I love it.

Infrared; This lipstick is a velvet finish one unlike Brighton Rock but it looks lovely on every skin tone in my opinion. I got this almost 2 months ago when i was very pale and it just made my lips pop in the best way and now i have a strong tan and it still goes on perfectly and looks incredible. It is a BRIGHT orange! I never owned an orange lipstick before and the main reason i got this was because of Zoella. I'm so thankful that i did. And thank god i didn't put it back when i swatched it on my hand at the store. The photos don't do this lipstick justice; in real life the orange is ORANGE! I was very scared to buy it but it doesn't look as scary on your lips. Definitely a future favourite!

Infrared-Brighton Rock

I guess i should go with the favourites theme. My second favourite lip product i indulged in was the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Exotic Island. Alright so i actually meant to get 3 of Tanya's lip glosses; Picnik in the Park, Afternoon Tea and Exotic Island. However, I've been to 3 Superdrugs and none of them had Picnik in the Park or Afternoon Tea. And they were having a 3 for 2 whilst i was there so each time i couldn't find the two my heart broke a little. In the end i went ahead and got Exotic Island and had to say goodbye to the other two :(

Exotic Island; This seemed very purply pink on the swatches i saw online and that was the main reason i wanted to try it. It isn't as purple as i expected it to be but it is a purple-pink shade with blue undertones. It has a sheer finish but you can build it up to a quite opaque finish. Especially if you put a dark pink under the gloss it does give you more of a purple lip look. I'd definitely recommend trying that as it looks very flattering. The smell of it is also very sweet and sugary but it isn't that strong that it would irritate anyone with a strong nose i believe...

Lastly i got the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Unapologetic. I went to the Revlon counter and stood there for hours thinking "Do i really need anything from here? I know they released matte liquid stain things but is it really worth it?" Then i saw these. I swatched them all and in my opinion this is the best shade in the collection. It is definitely not a subtle lip color. It is completely matte and still makes your lips look very moisturised! 

Unapologetic; This is a matte balm stick that has pink and coral undertones. I know the packaging looks very orange in the photos but i can assure you that it is just the crappy lighting and the color is in fact very pink/coral. It is very comfortable to wear on your lips and it is indescribably pigmented. The only downside is that if you've ever used the Clinique Chubby Sticks the twisting part on Revlon is quite weak so once you started twisting it it feels like you broke something at first because it isn't supposed to be that "easy to twist". Aside from that i think this a very good formula for a matte lip product and i now wish i had all the other colours. 

Here are the swatches of these products;

Top to Bottom; 
Exotic Island
Brighton Rock

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  1. Oh wow you got some amazing things! I really want that MUA palette xx

    1. You should definitely give it a go. There are some really practical shades in there but the lighter shades aren't that pigmented. I still like it though :)


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