24 June 2014


Oh boy! I don't know how to start this post because i have neglected it for so long! I feel quite guilty about it...
I have been MIA for a bit not because I didn't want to write anything but because it has been such an emotional roller coaster these past few months. With classes, friendships being tested and family stuff I didn't have the energy to write anything and the sad thing is writing always calms me down so not writing made me feel even worse.
I am not going to make this a long post just because I wanted this to be a heads up saying there will be more frequent posts from now on, I care too much about quality but I guess I should put that aside and stop worrying much about it and just focus on the quantity for a bit. That is my motto for a while now. I hope you will enjoy the things I plan on writing.

Have a lovely week,

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