28 July 2014

British Drugstore Beauty Haul Pt. 3; Hair

I was working on this post earlier and i thought i saved it as a draft but turns out i didn't so when i opened it i was greeted with an empty page which was greeted by a very grumpy me... As much as i hate starting from scratch, here it goes;

In London i also treated myself to some hair products which were the Tangle Teaser and the Batiste Dry Shampoo's. I've had quite some time to give both of them a whirl so now i can write mini reviews on both of them.

As you can see I'm pretty much stocked in Batiste now. The reason for this is not because we don't have Batiste here but because we only have them in Sephora's and they are triple the price! It's insane considering in UK it's £2.99 for the 200 ml and £4.99 for 400 ml. I love dry shampoos and I've tried the Lee Stafford one a while back and even though it did the job i wasn't blown away by it and wanted to try Batiste so badly. I've grown to love the smell of coconuts these past few weeks even though i realised i've completely hate the taste of coconut milk i absolutely love the smell of coconuts and Batiste's Coconut & Exotic smells so amazing! It smells like sugar and coconut and makes your hair smell as if you sprayed a Victoria's Secret Body Spray in it. The Floral and Flirty one as the name suggests has a more floral smell(noticed how bad i am at describing scents yet?). I much prefer the coconut one and i also wish I'd also gotten the one they do for dark brown hair. All the Batiste formulas are the same in basic. You spray it in your roots(in the areas where they are the oiliest) and wait for a minute or two, then either blow dry your hair or run your fingers through your hair and get rid of the grandma hair. 

I was actually planning on getting this in Boots but i saw it on the counter while i was buying my Topshop purchases and I went a little too excited(the lady at the counter shared my excitement and was lovely) and bought it then and there. It was £10.99 which I thought was a little too much for a brush but after hearing all the incredible reviews on it i thought it's definitely a bargain. It's not a bad product at all but after all the hype I must say i was expecting something a little more... I don't know what i was expecting but it's not a miracle product in my opinion. Yes the product itself looks ADORABLE! especially the purple one as i'm mad over the color purple and yes it does brush your hair but i have brushes that do the job faster than the tangle teaser. It's great on dry straight hair but when my hair is its natural self(curly/wavy) it is just such a chore trying to get rid of the tangles. The fact that the bristles look so fragile doesn't help. I feel like i'm going to damage the shape so i try to be very gentle which doesn't help the knots and tangles. I like to use it when my hair is straight or curled with a straightener but i wouldn't recommend it for wet hair and curly/heavily wavy hair. 

What are your thoughts on these products? Have you tried the Tangle Teaser? Are you blown away by it as everyone else? Please tell me I'm not the only one who isn't...


  1. I'm so glad you love Batiste :D (even if I don't haha) and I love my Tangle Teezer, but I agree they really are expensive xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I'm a big fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo. My fav is the original formula/scent. I should really try the Tangle Teaser.
    Great post!
    Today's Beauty Obsession

  3. My sister too owns Batiste dry shampoo and I use it sometimes and it's good. I haven't use the Tangle Teezer but everyone is saying they're good. Great post.


  4. I love batiste shampoo and the tangle teaser it's so useful for my long hair even though it is expensive I think it's worth it if you have long hair or a lot of tangles. Love your blog by the way! Xx


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