05 July 2014

First Makeup Experiences

Oh boy! I was trying to empty the memory card i found inside one of my old cameras and i found these "selfies" of mine from 2009! I was around 13-14 in those photos and my style was very different from my current style. I cringe at those times now as most people do with their former selves.
   During those times, i used to go into my room, get my mothers makeup bag and my one black eyeliner and try putting makeup on myself.

    Not gonna lie, aside from the cringe-worthy pose i have to say my makeup doesn't look that bad here. I'm pretty impressed with my 13 year old self. I used to use my mothers Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation and it was total SHIT for me... I couldn't have it on my skin for more than 15 minutes. After that i wanted to peel off my skin it irritated me that much. Though apparently it made my skin look really good. I don't think i had any blusher on my cheeks my cheeks are naturally very rosy so i just used to not put foundation over my cheeks and that was it. I am so impressed with my old eyeliner skills! Holy shit! I did that with a pencil and even now i can't do the flick that precise. Wow.
The lipstick in this photo was my first lipstick ever! It was a tester from Lancome L'absolu Rouge. For a tester its size was pretty great and i'm sure i still have it somewhere in one of my old bags. I'm tempted to find it because i really really love the color in this photo! 

The first thing that catches my attention in this photo is my uneven eyes! It looks like I'm squinting my left eye... 
This is what i did when i went out to the mall with my friends. (I don't think i ever wore that hat outside..) I'd put on the tiniest amount of mascara or put eyeliner in my water line and slap on my lipgloss from Claire's and i would feel so much older it's quite funny now. 

Have a great day,

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