31 August 2014

Bedroom Decorating Wish List

Hi there everyone!

Todays post is going to be a slightly different from my usual posts as it's not beauty or lifestyle but is a home ware wish list. As I said previously i'm moving into a new apartment with 2 of my friends and we don't have a house yet but we are close to finding one and I'm so excited to decorate my room in our new flat. Whatever house we decide on, I know the kind of room I want so I thought I'd share my ideas with you and maybe it might be a future inspiration to some or if you just like to decorate rooms as much as me. (I often decorate my own room from scratch in my head just by looking at furnitures online like Ikea...)

Alright, here we go...

First of all, Alex Drawers are a well loved desk staple in the blogging/vlogging community. That is not the reason i want the Alex drawers but I do want them. They are white, simple looking and it is just very easy to decorate with little accessories. I want two Alex Drawers with an Ekby Alex Shelf on top of it to use as a desk. I will also use the bottom drawers for cloth essentials such as socks, underwear etc... as i won't have any other drawers.

It might have came out a bit weird to some that I said I won't have any other drawers or a wardrobe. That is because I'm planning on getting two of these. They were on my wish list for so long and now i can actually get them and use them and they're very practical since they don't take up a lot of space. I just love how they look. It gives such a great vibe to the room.

I will be taking my mattress from my current house as it is extremely comfy and is 120 cm in width which just makes it a lot more comfortable to sleep in. However, my mom doesn't let me take the bed itself so I have to find a new one. I still don't have an item I'm %100 sure i want. I basically want a white metal bed so I can hang stuff on the head side. I have looked through Ikea but I'm not sure about them. However if i had to show what kind of a bed I want it would probably be something like this;

So, the main furnitures will be these. I want a simple bedroom as you can see since they bring me more peace and relaxation. Later on I will get more colourful little pieces to spice up the room and add some colour but now these will be the main items :)

What do you think? Do you have any ideas you think would be useful for me? 


  1. I have this Alex Keson drawer and its pretty good :) I have it under my table :)) in IKEA they have loads of things that would fit in to your room style :)

  2. I used to hang fairy lines on my headboard! I stopped when they kept falling on my head in the night xD

    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  3. Love the look of the drawers - so handy and perfect for storage!!!!! :)

    Layla xx

  4. I SO want the Alex drawers, and the Malm dresser - they look amazing xx

    Gemma |


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