01 August 2014

Mini Blog Sale Haul

It was just another day for me, going through some blogs when i found MissMakeupMagpie's blog and saw her latest blogpost which said "MASSIVE BLOG SALE - PART TWO". I was very intrigued and went through all the products and the prices and i thought to myself "this is heaven!". I found some amazing products and added them up, changed them to my currency and i thought it was a complete bargain including the shipping. 
Now, im not someone who orders things online all the time so i really debated going through with it. Especially since i read somewhere that "apparently having makeup shipped internationally is illegal in Turkey". Which sounds completely insane in my opinion but i also read that if you write something else on the parcel such as "cosmetic brushes" they wont look inside. I kindly asked Gemma to write it on my parcel and she agreed. It was a very smooth process basically and she was lovely and sweet in her emails and i was very happy with my purchases. It did take a while to get here but once they arrived i was a very happy girl. Here are the bits i got and my thoughts on them;

Topshop Lipstick in Nevada;

I have to say i'm not the biggest fan of nude lips. I much prefer a colorful lipstick but as i've tried two other topshop lipsticks and know how good their formula is i thought i'd give it a go. The first time i recieved the parcel i just got back from a vacation so i had a very recent tan going on. When i tried the lipstick i looked horrible! It literally erased my lips. After a few weeks passed my tan faded and the lipstick slowly grew on me. I sometimes mix MAC's See Sheer or Shangai Spice and it looks slightly darker which suits me better. All in all i'm really happy with this purchase especially since we cant get Topshop Makeup in my country.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Fuchsia-Ristic;

I love lip products which look like the Chubby Sticks. They just look so pretty and are very practical in my opinion. This looks like such a bright color when you look at it but when you swatch it or wear it on your lips it's quite sheer. It's not a products that doesn't have any color pay off but it is just very very sheer. You can build it up and it gives off a pinky tone to your lips which looks great during spring-winter times. It also gives off this shine to your lips and basically makes them look like you're wearing lipgloss. Now i'm not a fan of lipglosses so a lip bullet which makes you look like youre wearing a lipgloss but doesn't feel like a lipgloss is a win for me. I'm now thinking about getting other shades of it in the future. It is quite oily though so if that sort of feeling bothers you i suggest you stay away from this one. 

Me Me Me Blush Me in Coral;

This was the product i was most excited for! I love blushes and i love Benefit's Blushes solely because they are in a box. I sadly don't own a Benefit Blush yet but i think this makes up for it. It is a very orange toned blush with shimmer in it so i don't think you'll need any highlighter on top of it. It is very pigmented, I honestly wasn't expecting it to be this pigmented. It is such a beautiful color and since i didn't own any coral/orange toned blushes this was a perfect new add to my collection. Also, can we please talk about how cute the packaging is? The box itself is just adorable and the little detail of the cherub inside is just so beautiful. I wish i saw the Me Me Me counter when i was in London. 

Overall i'm very happy with all three of my purchases.There are still some items left on her blog so be sure to check it out. Maybe you'll find something for your liking. You can go to the post from HERE.

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