09 September 2014

Lancome Juicy Tubes | Melon

I was fresh out of ideas for my blog when I decided to shop my stash and try to find products to tell you about. I was looking for things to rave about when I suddenly saw Lancome Juicy Tubes in Melon. I realised I haven't worn that since forever so I decided to put it on... and then I remembered why I never use it.

I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of lip glosses. It's so hard to find a lipgloss that doesn't feel sticky or just makes my lips feel oily 5 minutes after I put them on. (Does anyone else get that feeling? I never heard anyone mention that but I always feel like the place around my lips get super oily whenever I put on a lipgloss.) 

Having said that, I honestly don't like anything about this product. First of all, in the tube the gloss looks very opaque and I expected it to be quite pigmented. It wasn't at all. It gives close to no colour on your lips and just looks transparent.

The biggest problem for me is the stickiness. I have come across quite a lot of glosses that aren't too sticky but this one is definitely not one of them. The second you apply it, you can feel it on your lips. It has a very heavy texture and just doesn't feel good. The worst part is, even after you wipe it off you can still feel that sticky feeling on your lips. It's hard to get it off your lips. 

There is one thing about the lipstick though that I'm not sure if it's a plus or not. The scent. As the name suggests the lipgloss has a watermelon scent to it which I used to love as a kid when I had a watermelon scented lip balm. Now I just find that smell so artificial and I don't even want to call it a watermelon scent. Yes it's a nice scent but it doesn't smell real or awakens anything in me.

The gloss does plump your lips and makes them look glossy and I've read reviews about it which say that it lasts for a very long time(I never got to that stage as the feeling bothered me too much so I had to take it off as soon as I put it on) and there are a lot more shades of the product. The others might be better but as for this one, I definitely don't recommend it to anyone! 


  1. I can't say I'm a fan of lip gloss either. I just can't get past how it feels on--I hate it!


  2. Lovely post,dear! :))

  3. I hate sticky lip gloss - thanks for the honest review: give me a lip balm any day.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. Just came across your blog

    its LOVELY

    well done you have a lovely blog here :)

    if you have a few mintues of your time would be great to see a comment from you on my blog :)

    thank you have a lovely day


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