25 July 2014

British Drugstore MakeUp Haul Pt. 2; Blushers & Powders

Hi everyone!

Let's be honest, doing the Lips post was easy because I had a lot of lip products i could show but now I'm left with things i want to review and things I haven't used long enough to write an actual review on. So what i thought I'd do is to show all the products i got which I'm not planning to do a review on. These are just the things i got from both Boots and Superdrug. 

If you'd like a review of a product please let me know in the comments and i will.


I definitely had my eye on Sleek's blushers before i even went to london and definitely wanted to try them so i went and got the shade "Pixie Pink" which is a bright hot pink. As they are very pigmented i'd advise you to just touch the product with your brush instead of swirling it around the pan. But nevertheless i really like it and the color will look very pretty during colder seasons in my opinion. 

The second blusher is the Make Up Academy's blusher in "Lolly" which is more of a coral/orange toned blusher which has tiny speckles of shimmer in it. It's definitely provides more of a subtle shine though. 


I definitely wasn't planning on getting this product.. I really wanted to try out Archery from Soap & Glory but whenever i went into Boots they either only had the Blonde one or they didn't have any at all which sucked. I have heard a lot of good things about One Heck of a Blot but i was so into my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder that I just couldn't imagine using another powder. I ended up getting it and i really like it so far. I definitely prefer my Stay Matte powder but this one is translucent so it suits me better during summer. It keeps the sweating to minimum which is definitely a giant plus. Do i even need to say anything about the packaging? I think it's absolutely gorgeous.

So there you go, these are the powder-y products i got. Next up I'll do the hair products and then start writing the reviews for all the other products :) Have any of you tried these? What do you think?


  1. Argh! Moving to the UK next week and so excited to try the Soap & Glory makeup range - we don't get it here in stankin' Straya :'(

    I'm nominating you for my Leebo Award because you're the bomb xo

    1. We don't get it in Turkey either which sucks big time! At least you guys have your own awesome brands in Australia! Make sure to pack lots when you move. But i can assure you that you will go crazy in Boots and Superdrug :D

      eeeek! Thank you for nominating me, you're lovely! I will be doing it as soon as possible :)


  2. Such a nice post!Keep in touch xoxo


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