22 August 2014

Real Techniques Eyes Enhanced Starter Kit

As I said in my previous post, I’m currently on holiday enjoying the sun and the sea during day time, trying to relax before I go back to a very hectic schedule waiting for me at home. As I spend my days sunbathing and swimming, I try not to sit around during night times. I usually go out with my friends and since wearing base products in this heat is like torture I stick with just eye makeup and a bold lip. My eye makeup was very simple before this holiday, I would do a flick with my eyeliner, load on some mascara and I’d be done. However during my holiday I decided to test the waters and use some eyeshadow. What helped me with my new adventure was the Real Techniques Eyes Enhanced Starter Kit. 

The kit has 5 brushes in it which all have the classic RT base with the Nars like feel at the bottom and a metallic holder. The holder is purple which indicates it’s for their eye collection. You can create an amazing eye look using all these 5 brushes. Lets dive in now shall we?

Fine Liner Brush

I must say I was the most skeptical about this one. Ever since I started using gel eyeliner, I used a MAC 266 brush so I thought I wouldn't have any use for this but applying eyeliner with this is a dream. I use my 266 for thicker liners with flicks but this one is more precise and because of its tapered look you can make your like as thin as you want. Those bristles that look wonky on the photo just gets in line and goes away when you dip the brush in the gel liner pot. So good! Definitely better than I expected.

Accent Brush

I love accent brushes like this. It is definitely smaller than my other accent brushes but I feel like it helps a lot more when it comes to small places around my eyes. You can use this to smudge out your eyeliner on your lid or use it like I do which is to smudge out your liner or eyeshadow under your eye to give a more smoky look. 

Brow Brush

I was shocked when I saw the thickness of this one. I was expecting it to be more like my 266. I thought it would be very thin so I could have a 266 dupe. That certainly wasn't the case as it is very thick and as the name suggests, it can be used on brows. Now, I wasn't the kind of girl who filled in her brows or ever needed to but my eyebrows are looking slightly out of shape these days and this brush was kind of like a savior! It could have been a bit smaller or thinner but you can definitely make it work. 

Base Shadow Brush

This is my favorite brush in the set! It’s your basic eye shadow brush with a more precise shape and the bristles help pick up just the right amount of color. You can’t get “too much” product with this brush. You can use it to apply eyeshadow on your lid and use it to create a smoked out look as the shape of it really gets in your crease and blends well. I learned how to put eyeshadow on my crease with this little bad boy. It definitely thought me a lot.

Deluxe Crease Brush

I have to say, I didn't know what to do with this one at first! It looked too chubby to be a crease brush, too thick to blend and I was just stuck. I couldn't apply eyeshadow with it as it wasn't suitable for my eyelids either. One day I decided to blend everything after I finished everything though and this fat little brush blends like a dream! It is perfect for blending and I learned not to judge a brush by it’s shape, haha! It blends out every harsh line and just makes everything look as natural as it can look! This is my second favorite for sure, it might even replace my ultimate favorite. 

Overall I would definitely recommend everyone to try out this amazing set! It is a lifesaver especially for those of you who are just starting to experiment with eye makeup. It’s quite cheap as well! The entire set is almost the same price as my 266! Five amazing quality brushes with the same price as one high end brush. I’d definitely try out the set first! ;)


  1. I have the Deluxe Crease Brush and it's soo good, and not to mention - it's really soft!
    Nicole♥ | Just a bit of Nicole

  2. I have this set and I really like it but didn't like the liner brush, so I bought their silicone liner brush which is amazing xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I have the RT Core Collection but still need to invest in this set, they're amazing!! xx | Giveaway

  4. I have this set and I love it so much!! I love to use the deluxe crease brush to blend in concealer under my eyes, it's really gentle and blends the product flawlessly! You should try it sometime! I have followed you on bloglovin, I would really appreciate it if you went over to my blog and followed me back xx

  5. These brushes look so nice and I'm sure they work great. Nice post and keep up the good work.


  6. Ahh this post is so nice!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  7. I LOVE make-up brushes as there are so many wonderful uses, shading, countouring the eye, blending etc….it's all perfect! Plus the colour is gorgeous! :)

    Layla xx

  8. I just bought this set recently! Real Techniques are amazing, they are only just coming into New Zealand now which is where I live. Also I have just discovered your blog, it's great! :)


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