01 October 2013

Am I In Narnia?

How time flies!

I can’t believe I started university three weeks ago! It’s been such a whirlwind. I don’t know where to start; the friendships, the classes, the campus!

First of all i want to say that i feel like I've made the right decision when i picked my major. I have always loved English but now that I’m actually studying English Literature I realize how much I actually love the language! We have four core courses and two free elective courses. The first class everyone in the university has to take is a class called “Humanities” (HUM 101) and to be fairly honest, it’s my least favorite class. I like history but as soon as it becomes a responsibility I suddenly hate the entire subject. I just don’t like memorizing all that information and it’s not even about our major so I don’t understand why we have to take it. Plus my teacher has the worst English accent and most of the time I have difficulty understanding him… My favorite class is “Literary Genres” (ELIT 107) which is basically what we learned in Turkish Literature in high school but in English which makes it so much better and it’s more in dept. I’m also the best in my class at the moment in this subject so YAY ME! 

We have “Introduction to English Literature” (ELIT 101) in which we study the history of England and English languages development. There’s “Introduction to Western Literature” (ELIT 105) and we read and discuss important literary works such as “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, “The Bible”, etc… These were the core courses. I also got “Creative Writing” which is a class where we write about a given topic one lesson and then read it out loud to the entire class the next lesson. I really wanted to take this class as I want to improve my writing skills and I feel like it will help immensely. Lastly I took “Italian” (AFIA 101). It was a sudden decision, I knew I wanted to speak a third language but I wasn’t sure yet and when my advisor asked me if I had a language I wanted to learn Italian just came out. We’ll see how that turns out.

 The campus is HUGE! It’s beautiful which has 5-6 main buildings and a lot of caf├ęs in it. There is a huge forest-like place where there are tables to sit which is our go to place when we have some free time. The only thing I whine about is that I have to walk so damn much since the campus is this big and our classes are in different buildings.

Oh God! The friendships! It’s been going so well! I have all the friends I loved from high school and on top of that I met 10 amazing new people on my first day! It was so surprising because I expected awkward conversations and lonely breaks on my first weeks but all of us connected super fast and we all love each other, share so much in common and just have fun together. I really want to write a blog post just for this topic alone because I know if I start talking about this the entire post will be like fifty paragraphs longer… oops. But just know that I’m really happy with all the friends I’ve made so far and I hope I will be friends with them throughout university. Fingers crossed J
Images by Freepik