04 August 2014

MAC | Rebel

I'm usually the kind of person who thinks for ages before purchasing something from a high end brand. This includes MAC. I love their lipsticks but my lipsticks are mostly from the drugstore so I rarely go in to get a lipstick. A few days ago, whilst I was out with my friend we decided to go into MAC 10 minutes before closing time. She was looking through some blushers and I took my place in the lipsticks stand. I was stuck between Heroine and Rebel and when she told me that we had several minutes left I instantly thought "Rebel is more wearable" and went to the checkout. I don't regret it one bit.

I don't have loads to say about the packaging as it is the usual bullet shaped packaging of MAC. I do love the look of it though. It just looks so sleek and chic. I even feel satisfied when I see others MAC lipstick collections where they have 20+ of these little bad boys all lined up. So simple and beautiful.

It is a gorgeous dark purple pink colour with a satin finish. It goes on like a dream and lasts for hours until you have to reapply or touch up. I think you can work this colour in both winter and summer times. It looks great with a tan and it looks more toned down. During colder times though, especially if you're pale, I think it will look perfect. I love it when people with fair skin wear darker colours on their lips. It looks so beautiful. I honestly can't wait until my tan wears off so I can wear this every single day. I love the colour that much! 

Overall, this lipstick easily made its way into my favourite lipsticks. Next time you're in MAC I'd definitely suggest you have a look. The colour might seem scary to some but I can assure you it's not as bad as it seems.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick? 


  1. Rebel is such a gorgeous, gorgeous shade! xx

    Gemma //

  2. This is a lipstick I've been wanting for a while now! I think it's a really beautiful color for autumn and winter! :)


  3. This lipstick is beautiful! The shade is perfect! My blog is actually quite similar you yours, I love posting about makeup and fashion! It would mean a lot if you checked it out and maybe left a comment telling me what you think?xx

  4. i adore MAC rebel - it's such a good shade!

    from helen at

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  5. Lovely post dear!Really like it:)
    Keep in touch
    Antonella xoxo

  6. I really want this lipstick, it looks gorgeous:)

  7. this colour is so pretty omg!


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