19 July 2014

Sleek MakeUp Face Form Palette in Light

I must say when i was in Boots the brand i was most excited to see was Sleek! I heard so much about the brand(mainly their blushers) from almost every single British beauty blogger/vlogger. 
I knew i wanted to get their Contour & Highlight Kit and try out their blushers. Two of the blushers i wanted were Pixie Pink and Rose Gold. Now imagine my excitement when i found out they had a new palette which contained both the bronzer, the highlighter and the Rose Gold blusher! 

The Face Form Palette contains every bit that you would need to do your face make up. Each item is incredibly pigmented, I love the bronzer as it's very pigmented but is quite easy to blend so it looks quite natural on your face. I love the highlighter for when I'm using a matte blusher and want to have a bit of a glow on my cheeks. It is also very good for your cupids bow and your brow bone as well as an eyeshadow. The blusher! I honestly can't find the right words to describe my love for this blusher! It's pigmented, glowy, gives just the right amount of color to make your cheeks pop... It is perfect in my opinion. A lot of people compare it to Nars Orgasm but I think color-wise this one is slightly better than Orgasm! As the blusher is quite glowy on its own i don't use the highlighter on top of it but as i mentioned i use the highlighter for other purposes. 

The packaging is smaller than i expected as everyone compares the products to Nars products i expected the sizes to be similar as well but the size is just right as you can fit the palette anywhere you want. I'm pretty sure the palette is smaller than my phone which is saying something. The packaging is also very durable, chic and is very simple looking which i like.


I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone! If you feel like the colours don't suite your skin tone you can try out their other shades as they came out with 4 different ones; fair, light, medium and dark. It was £9.99 in Boots and it is also available in Superdrug.


  1. That palette looks amazing and the colours are just great. Great post.



Images by Freepik