24 July 2014

Faux Nails

Be warned; you will be seeing my tiny, bitten, ugly natural nails in this post. But at the same time you will be seeing long and pretty nails as well!

  I was never fond of my nails because i'm a picker. I cant help myself. Whenever my nails or the skin around my nails have a part sticking out(even the tiniest bit) i scratch and scratch until my entire manicure is ruined and i feel very insecure about showing my hands to people because i feel like their response to seeing my hands will be "ew".

   A few weeks ago i was i was in the local drugstore and i came across the nails isle! I never checked that part of the store because i just wasn't interested in nails that much to invest in anything nails-related. Mostly i just check out the nail varnishes and go my own way. This time the fake nails cought my attention. I joked to my friend about this and we had a few giggles and then she went on her way. But when i actually thought about it i decided it wasn't a bad idea at all. I quickly grabbed the best looking packaging and got it. I didnt buy it secretly but apparently i was in such a rush that my friend had no idea i got it until after we were home.
I put them on and at first they looked horrid! After my tiny nails, my hands looked like they jumped out of a witch movie. I decided that just filing them wouldn't he enough so i trimmed them a little using both scissors and nail clippers. I gave them a round shape and then filed them.

VoilĂ ! There you have strong, good looking nails. Then all i had to do was to put on a nail varnish and i was good to go. I opted for Essie's Sexy Divide which is a gorgeous dark purple with shimmers in it which gives your nails dept.

They last for a very long time in my opinion. I took them off and reaplied them for 4 times and they are still reappliable. I never tried to take off the nail varnish though because i'm scared it will damage the nail. This box has 40 nails in it but some of the nails are too big for me so i mix them with other nails. It comes with its own glue and the glue holds the nails for up to 24 hours and then the nails sometimes breaks off but you can easily reapply the nail that came off. I think it's such a practical and easy way to get good and healthy looking nails. Definitely worth checking them out. They're really cheap as well! 

Have any of you tried fake nails? What are your thoughts on them? Are you as impressed with them as i am?  

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  1. I love using false nails especially for nights out.. they look so much nicer than my natural short nails xx

    Gemma //


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