27 September 2014

What's in My Bag | University Edition

During summer time I got so used to wearing small handbags that I didn't know what to do with my big black H&M bag I use during my time in university. It suddenly seemed huge even though it has a perfectly reasonable size and I can fit all my things in it. I thought I would put a twist in the usual What's in My Bag thing and show you my bag I take when I have a class.

Here's my gorgeous H&M bag which I got almost 7 months ago.

Obviously I have my essential school items which are; my text books, a big yellow notepad, my agenda(Love this one since it reflects my acting dreams in a way) and my soft pencil case which has far too many pens in it.

Then I have my daily essentials which are; my purse(which is a very good Chanel imitation haha), my keys(I have a huge obsession with keychains, I feel like they just tell my story; my tiny chocolate mug shows how much I love coffee, my I heart NY one shows how much I love NY, a keychain has my name on it which my sister got me and lastly my time turner an essential for when I have no breaks between classes), a hair time from Topshop, headphones, a phone charger (which I got from Primark which isn't the best one out there but it does the job in dire situations) and a pack of gum.

Beauty wise the things I keep in my bag are very simple; my lipstick of the day(sometimes I take two; a nude and a bold lip choice), my trusty Sleek FaceForm palette, a Real Techniques stippling brush, Victoria's Secret Body Mist and a hand cream which will soon be replaced with Zoella's new body cream!

So these are all my bag essentials I take to the campus with me everyday that get me through a rough day. Sometimes I think I secretly have Hermione's bag from Harry Potter because I have absolutely no idea how I manage to fit all this in my bag! 

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  1. Hey, great blog and I'm following! I love your bag and I love your makeup! I don't really have very much in my bag compared to you :) xxx


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