01 January 2014

New Year, New Chances

Hello 2014 and hello my lovely readers,

Once again we said goodbye to all our bad habits and all the people we like to leave in 2013 and stepped into a new year which is currently completely empty. It’s like we stepped into a universe where all you can see is an endless white place. Throughout the year you’ll fill that space with memories, decorate it, color it with emotions and make it beautiful. 

Just as any other year most of us made a list of resolutions we’d like to achieve in the course of 2014. I’m not going to say I keep my new years resolutions each year, most of the time I completely ignore it and carry on with my life as if I never thought of the things I wrote on the list I made.  Sometimes I achieve some of them. Not as often as I'd like to though. 

So enough rambling, let’s get on with this years list shall we?:)

  • Travel

I love to travel. I love seeing new places and get away from my usual routine. In 2012 I traveled a lot and I have to say, it was my favorite year. I went to Italy in July, travelled all around the country, met so many amazing people. Then I went to Bodrum which was a small vacation after a long vacation abroad (we all need those, don’t we?) Afterwards in October I went to Norway for a week. It was lovely as well. I can’t say I saw as many landmarks as I did in Italy but regardless I had a wonderful time there. 
However in 2013 I didn’t do that much traveling and towards the end of the year I realized how bored I was. Not because I wasn't having a good time but because of all the missed opportunities. I could’ve seen so many beautiful places but I just stood in the exact same spot for a whole year. That’s a slightly depressing thought for me. So I will try to travel a lot more this year and see at least 3 new places! 

  • Say Yes More

To be completely honest, towards the ends of this year I became incredibly lazy. I wasn’t like this at the beginnings! It’s not even just affecting my studies but my social life as well. I find the most bizarre excuses to get out of a social meet up. I just don’t feel like getting ready, going out, socialize. But I used to love it. The twisted part is that I also moan about how I want to go out and how much I'm bored at home but when someone asks me to go somewhere with them I just find and excuse and turn them down. I have to stop that. I want to go out more. 

  • Study More

I’m not bad when it comes to my classes. I was terrible in high school, I passed almost all my lessons with like the lowest passing grade. Though in university, since I love my major I actually like to listen. I still don’t study as much as I should but since I'm listening in class and give 100% of my attention my GPA after the midterms is 3.60+. But finals are just around the corner and I really don’t feel like studying. I started and finished 4 new TV series just to get away from studying. So this year (starting tomorrow hopefully or I'll fail in my finals) I have to study as hard as I can. 

  • Read More

Oh I miss reading! I used to read 2-3 books per week but this year I can count the amount of books I read with my fingers. It sucks. I miss starting a book and reading it for hours without stopping. I just didn’t have the time or the energy to read this year. I just know that I miss it and I want to start again soon. 

  • Fall In Love

I know this is an odd thing to put on the list but just like reading, I miss this feeling. After a set of heartbreaks I closed my heart to outsiders and lately I just feel heartless. I just don't care anymore. And I want to, I want to care about someone so badly but whoever I meet just isn't for me. I haven't clicked with a person or looked at them without seeing a bad expectation from them for a long time. I just really want to meet someone this year who I will open myself up to. I want to love again. I think it’s time but I can’t just do it with anyone. 

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