29 January 2014

January Favorites

    I'm going to have to change the classic "this month went by so fast" saying because it honestly felt like at least 2 months! I kept wondering when it would be over. It wasn't like I just sat around because when i do that days just don't go by. But i was out almost everyday either spending the day with my friends or at least going to the gym. I was very productive but it just couldn't end. I hope this won't happen every month because if that's the case, 2014 is going to be very boring.
    With that being said, this month i got to try a lot of new products. I was able to test out so many new products and go back to some of my old favourite ones. I have so many things i would like to share with you all(see how i use all as if anyone is reading this blog?).

Tony&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

    I've heard other youtubers and bloggers talk about this so many times but i never got around to buy it as it was slightly pricey and i wasn't sure if it was worth it. The main reason is that since i've got quite a lot of hair which is also long, texturising hair products don't work on me. There is little to no difference when i use a product and I'm always disappointed. I got this from a beauty box before christmas and i really loved it! When i spray it onto my hair and scrunch it there isn't a visible difference. It doesn't give my hair that cute Zoella look. 
    What i do is, i spray it onto my hair when it's damp and after my hair air dries it gives me the perfect beach hair. I love my hair during summer whenever i get out of the sea. I just get the most natural curls/waves ever! So this is the best product to replicate that look. I also use it when i want to braid my hair. I spray some on my hair before i braid it and afterwards i spray a little amount onto the braid. When i untie the braid a few hours later the waves last all day without getting frizzy (my biggest problem with my hair.)

Philip Martin's Infusion Cream

     This is amazing! This might be my most favourite item of the month! I bought it because my hairdresser recommended it to me and like i said hair products don't actually do much for my hair so i was very sceptical at first but what lured me in was the scent. I'm terrible at describing scents but i guess you could say this hair cream has a spicy smell, it's not floral and it is very strong. I just use it after i brush my hair when i get out of the shower and i evenly brush through my hair with my fingers with this product in my hand. I can't praise this enough. My hair always feels soft after i use this, it doesn't weigh my hair down like most products, it lessens frizzy and puffy hair, it makes your hair smell amazing for two full days... It's just the perfect hair treatment in my opinion!

MAC Lustre Lipstick - See Sheer

     I wanted a MAC lipstick for a long time. I literally dreamt of owning a MAC lipstick. I know it sounds slightly mental but a part of me always said paying that much for a lipstick is just insane whereas another part of me said "But it's MAAAAAC!" So i had a long internal conflict about this purchase but a few weeks ago i was out with my friends and we decided to go into MAC. We went in and i just ran to the lipstick counter. While my friends were asking about some eyeshadows and eyeliners i had my little moment with the lipsticks and when my friends were done with their purchase the guy asked if i wanted anything and i thought "I saved some money in the past few months... I think i deserve this one." So i told him that i wanted a new everyday lipstick and he first gave me a matte nude which looked almost white on my lips so i told him i wasn't feeling it. He then gave me See Sheer and i just loved how it looked. It has orange undertones and it's very creamy but also isn't completely sheer. I really don't like sheer lipsticks on me so i always go for very pigmented lipsticks. I was surprised when he said it was a Lustre because i always thought my first MAC lipstick was going to be a matte or satin. But i love using this and whenever i put it on i feel extremely uplifted and confident. That's the power of a MAC lipstick on me.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

     Alright! I know this has been talked a lot in the past but i got this almost a year ago. The first time i bought it i loved it instantly. I loved the strong minty smell, how it wasn't greasy on my lips like other lip balms, how much it helped with my chapped, dry lips throughout winter time... I was almost finished with half of the stick when i suddenly lost it! I looked everywhere for it but i was never able to find it! Three months after i lost it i got a new one. I've been using it ever since. I use it after i cleanse my face in the evening and i use it before i apply my makeup. When i put on lipstick after i apply this on my lips, the lipstick looks much better in my opinion. 


    So in this section i want to talk about a product that has disappointed me, something i wasn't very satisfied with.
    This months hate-it product is MAC Matchmaster foundation. I do so much research before i buy a foundation because i put that thing all over my face almost every day and i leave it there for at least 5-8 hours. It might break me out, make my skin oily, dry out my skin, look really bad on my skin... there are endless possibilities. I knew i was going to get a MAC foundation because i always read a lot of great reviews on them. I wasn't very sure about the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation which was a hit when i bought this foundation. I was supposed to get the Studio Sculpt one but when i was in the shop i decided to ask for help which is something i never do and after that i don't think i ever will. I told her the kind of foundation that i wanted and i told her that i had sensitive skin so a lot of the foundations irritated my skin after half an hour. She tried the matchmaster and the shade was perfect so i thought i'd buy it. That was the dumbest decision ever! Why did i even thought "if the shade matches it must me good"? That was a blonde moment for me. For a few months it didn't bother me but i never used it daily. I wasn't a huge foundation person then so i just used it occasionally when i was going on a night out with my friends. However when i started uni this september, i started going to the campus with a full face of makeup each day. Two weeks afterwards i started having massive breakouts on my face. My chin area felt very dry and i got patches of skin because of the dryness and it just looked very crappy. I can honesty say i looked much better without that foundation. While we were in MAC with my friends(when i bought the lipstick) i asked the guy who helped us about my foundation and he told me that whoever sold that to me was an idiot and had no idea what make up was because he only recommended that foundation to the elderly women. I really wanted to pour down the foundation on top of that womans head. She gave me an old lady foundation and it literally fucked up my skin. I never had any problems on my forehead but now because of her i have billions of tiny bumpy pimples. It's like i just hit puberty. Never buying a matte foundation ever again!

Wow! Very long blogpost! I wasn't expecting that! So these are my Loved and Hated products of January 2014. What are yours?

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