05 September 2015

An Apology (and a post) Is Long Overdue...

Is it safe to come out? 
Is anyone still there? 

I just realized the last time I posted something was close to a year ago. At the beginning I felt terrible for not posting something new but as time went on I completely forgot about it. And I dont want this blog to be something I'll completely abandon. 

Last school year I had a very busy schedule and I couldnt even spend time with my sister properly. It was quite draining and during summer I bumped into some problems but I'm putting my life back on tracks now and I feel like it's a perfect time to make a fresh start. In these past two weeks I've been thinking about my blog and what I want to do with it and I have some crazy ideas about it. First of all I want to switch up my posts. I focused on beauty as a genre but I'd like to involve my life more in my blog which is why I want to do a weekly update. I dont have the most eccentric lifestyle but quite a lot of things happen in a week and I'd like to share them through photos and descriptions :) However whilst I'm testing things like this I need your feedback immensely. I need to know how you feel about those posts, if they bore you or if you're interested. 

I want to post at least twice a week, one being about beauty and the other being a round up of my week. 

I'm praying you guys are still there because this is just the beginning of a great blog year :)

Thank you for reading and I'm so sorry for being a sucky blogger. 


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