07 October 2014

Life Update | October

It was august when I last wrote an update post and even though I know this is the least type of post you'd like to see on this blog I quite like filling in all of you and my future self on what's been going on in my life. Especially since A LOT of mind boggling things have happened in the past 2 months. 

♡ Last time I wrote I said I was going to move into my own house with 2 of my high school friends. That didn't happen. In a way I learnt once again why I didn't like the people in my high school. After we signed the contract to the house and everything was done, they came back with their stuff so we could move in and they all of a sudden; didn't like the house, they thought that if we moved in together our friendship wouldn't last(which was in their language "we don't want to move in with you because we wouldn't be able to stand you for a whole year") so we had to drop our lease which wasn't easy and there were all sorts of problems and at one point of last month I felt like shit because of this. Lesson learnt; make sure you are %100 sure the people you're going to move in with aren't backstabbers. 

♡ I started my second year in university which is going great. I must say after the entire house fiasco things decided to get better a lot quicker and everything that happened has been pretty amazing *knocks on wood*. I love my classes this year, I picked all my classes from the right teachers and they all love me as much as I love them and the topics we are learning this year are probably better than last years. We learned about England's history last year and it was very interesting and exciting but so many things happened from the beginning till the end that it was pretty hard to learn in such a short time. This year we are learning about America's history and right now we are taking things slow(slower than last year) and since I chose the right teacher I actually enjoy history. 

♡ One of the biggest changes in my life is that I am now doing a double major... in THEATRE! I am so excited for this. It's not official yet but next term it will be official and I already started taking classes from the theatre department. I'm taking fencing, voice and speech, movement and improvisation. I can't believe I have the opportunity to study two of my favourite things at the same time. I felt so bad for a long time as I hadn't done anything about improving my acting or making a move to get into acting professionally and now I got given the opportunity by one of my instructors from last term. I'm so excited but that also means I have to work really hard as I'm now taking 9 classes instead of 6 and my GPA has to be 3.5 which is currently 3.46. I have to work hard for each class and give my all which is very time consuming(which is why I haven't blogged that much in a while).

♡ I started making amends with some old friends from last year whom I had a bit of falling apart with. We realised how much we missed each other in the last few months since we haven't talked for an entire term as we were both hanging out with different people but now we are back together and I'm just really glad we started to hang out again. I missed that group, they were really good for me.

♡ Lastly, I'm going back to London! It will be for a holiday but I'll be spending the New Year in London with my mom and my sister. I'm so excited to go back. I had the best time when I was there in June and I am over the moon to know that I'll be going back in 2 months! I'm already making plans on what to do when I'm there. I'll be there for a week (26th of December - 2nd of January) I'm quite sad I'm missing Christmas but I hope they won't take off all the Christmassy things right after Christmas. I really wanted to see it. I hope everything goes according to plan and we will be able to go safely because I know I will be having the best New Years in London. So excited! 

So these are all the highlights of my month. It was such a whirlwind that I can't comprehend how all those changes happened in such a short time. If you read all of this then kudos to you since I know it probably doesn't sound as interesting to others as it does to me :D 
Thank you for reading everyone and I hope you have a lovely October. My birthday is in 10 days so I'm  very excited about that.

 If you have any suggestions on where I should go in London I would love to hear them and I also would LOVE to hear what you are up to. Fill me in down in the comments :)

Have a lovely day!

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